Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Brinlee

A little conversation between Brinlee and I:

Brin: But mah-ahm (mom...just drawn out whiningly), I don't want to come inside!

Me: Brinlee, you have to.

Brin: But mah-ahm, the prophet said "be nice to your kids"!

Me (proud me I might add): Wow Brin! You listen to the prophet?

Brin: (smiling, no longer whining) Yep! All day long.

Too cute. She reminds me of this often. After conference, I tried to tell her what the prophet wanted us to do, and I summed up my end of conference by saying "The prophet wants me to be nice to my kids".

Note to conference say "The prophet wants everyone to be obedient."!

Love you Brinlee!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silly Bailey

This morning I was sleeping in. I had worked late last night, and I was not worried about being awake before my kids. I was aware that the girls were waking up (mostly because they were in my bed! Ahh!), but I was hoping that maybe they would roll over and find 10 more minutes of sleep. I know I needed it! Anyways, all of a sudden Bailey was crawling up on me talking slowly and quietly...

"Sleeping Beauty..."

Then still soft, but now add silly to the voice. Like you would talk to a little puppy or baby in...

"You're my primary caregiver..."

I sat right up and laughed, hugged her, and asked her where in the world she had heard that. Garfield. Of course. No more movies for her...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sam loves " uh-side "

Sam is getting so big, so fast, and he is all boy. My girls liked to go outside when I suggested it, but it was just more fun to stay in and play dress up. Sam wakes up, comes downstairs for his breakfast, eats, and then goes over to the sliding door and starts saying (or yelling) " uh-side! ". If I'm not fast enough, he starts to hit the door with his hands or nearest hard object because he knows that will get mom to him fast. He can hardly contain himself as I put on his shoes and socks, and in case I had forgotten why I am putting them on he keeps repeating " uh-side "over and over. It is adorable. I took a few pictures of him, but made a collage because it seemed more practical than 10 pictures for 1 post. We cannot wait until warm sunny weather everyday.

*If you click on the picture, it will get big for you. But please understand that Sam has no time to let mom wipe breakfast (or boogers) off of his face. He has things to get stuck in the dump truck (bottom right)!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Morning!

This is what I woke up to this morning. Nate was sleeping on the bottom bunk in the girls' room, and me and ALL 3 CHILDREN were in one bed. (I was nestled into that tiny space between Sam and Bailey) Notice the funny fact that everyone had a different comforter! This has to stop, but at 2 in the morning, I'll admit, I really really do not care.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Janurary 2010

Hard to believe it is February already. Here is a recap of our January:

Bailey and her cousins on New Year's Eve. She had her first overnight. Sadly, this was a hard decision for me. Nate ended up making it because he knew Bailey would be fine. And she was, just a little sleepwalking!

My wonderful friend from back in the "Raintree Days" had her birthday, and we celebrated! Winger's lunch followed by Sherlock Holmes. So much fun!
Nate and I had our first vacation away from our kids...ever. (Well, we did an overnight a few years back, but this was 4 whole days!) We went to Las Vegas for the NHBA convention, the homebuilders convention. It was fun. We mostly went to classes, but when we had extra time we went down and walked around all the booths. There are hundreds of them, and they like to do little contests. Nate made them pick me to race hammering nails. I had to hit 1 in, and the fellow next to me had to hammer 4. Nate was so proud when I won. AND I won us a knife.

Also, at the end of January my friends and I got together for a little sewing party. For the sake of time (it is taking forever to upload pictures!), I will just post one. I love these girls. It was such a fun time! We are just trying to decide what to make next. Any suggestions?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear "Our Family"

You commented on the last blog post, and said you would like to receive a Christmas card. I would love to oblige, if I only knew who you were. Sadly, I do not keep up on the blogging scene, and you have apparently went private. So, mystery blogger, who are you? :-)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Tara...

So, I have a wonderful friend who informs me that I do not blog enough. And that since she did my hair before the pictures, and lent me articles of clothing for the pictures, that I must post as soon as I have something. Well, here is something :-) .

I e-mailed our photographer the night we got back from taking pictures, because I just wanted to make sure that we had at least ONE good picture. She wrote me back today, and assured me that we did. Here is the "sneak peek" of one she edited. I LOVE it, and cannot wait for the rest!